Casanova Multimedia SpA was created in the summer of 2009 following an idea by Luca Barbareschi. An innovative concept of multimedia, versatile and careful of market swings.
Using his experience in Theatre when he dedicated himself to the rediscovery of texts by authors of the calibre of Mamet, Shepard and Bogosian and making them known and appreciated by the Italian Public. He brings his knowledge as both actor and producer of both film and two part TV films and as a producer of over 100 hours of TV Serials, 1200 hours of infotainment and edutainment whose format has been exported to the United States (e.g. ‘That’s Amore’ co-produced with Fox). Now he has developed a new way of declension of their contents taking advantage of his openness and passion for new technologies.
Great care has been taken with regard to the quality of the products, which unfortunately in most cases follow a preconceived imprint from Anglo – Saxon experiences, which often humble/mortify the peculiarities of our European culture.

In the following years Casanova Multimedia will concentrate on the Italian market with the defying objective of building a reality which one can refer to in the cultural multimedia panorama. The explosion of new media on one side, together with the technological revolution that stemmed from it and the growth of a new kind of public (in terms of tastes and age) have allowed for a new opening in the market with more dynamic and interesting realities which have somewhat overturned the way ‘show-business’ is done.

The output by Casanova Multimedia is mainly the production of TV Films (long serials, miniseries, sit-coms), products for light entertainment, cinema and theatre. The latest production are “Walter Chiari”, “The Marathon Runner’s Dream” “Nero Wolfe” e “Hidden Olympics”, all for Rai (Radio Televisione Italiana – Italian State Television). All the productions up to date created and followed by Luca Barbareschi, have always been marked by their quality and high level of professionalism of all those involved both the directors and cast. Some successful examples are “The Tigers Claw”, The Sunday Child” “The Man From Collegno Who Lost His Memory” and “Fog And Crimes”.