Moige prize for Adriano Olivetti – The strength of a dream

Was held this morning at the hall of the Queen of the Chamber of Deputies the ceremony of the ” Moige Prize”, the only one award in Italy for the bets tv shows, movies and spots for family.

“Our goal is to provide valuable tools in view of media education, teaching to reflect on the content that pass on TV during the protected band (from 7.30 to 22.30) and to analyze them critically, to transform a moment of pure entertainment on one occasion education and training, “Maria Rita Munizzi, Moige president.

Numerous players and experts on Italian TV attended at the event rewarded for scoring content suitable for the whole family.

The “Moige Prize” 2013 – 2014, has been awarded to 27 television products divided into 8 fiction, 6 entertainment tv shows, 4 children and 9 spot and delivered by four families representing 12 millions of Italian families.

“Adriano Olivetti, the strength of a dream” fiction produced by Casanova Multimedia broadcast on Rai Uno won “for the extraordinary relevance of the miniseries that complaint as the idolatry of money overshadow the dignity of the person works “;


Adriano is only twelve when he first enters the family business. At the end of the second world war, after his father’s death, he becomes the leader of Olivetti company. His inspired and enlightened management destabilizes workers, trade unionists, associates and competing entrepreneurs as well. Business isbooming, the Olivetti empire rapidly expands. The typewriter “Lettera 22” becomes a symbol of Italy worldwide and it is even exhibited at MoMA of New York.

But family conflicts inexorably grow, forcing Adriano to give up the leadership of the company to hisyounger brother. Out of the factory Adriano both practices and preaches the utopian system of “the community movement” – already successfully developed inside the factory – by founding small rural centers of solidarity and ethical production. The untimely death of his brother soon compels him to return to the helm of the company.

With his young wife Grazia at his side, Adriano faces the betrayal by Mauro, his lifelong friend. Despite dissenting opinions, he opens a factory in Pozzuoli, in the economically depressed regions of southern Italy. But the hatred of enemies grows and the enterprise goes through hard times.

While the innovative design of the first ever personal computer is already much ahead, Adriano deals with the purchase of Underwood, an American company leader in the market for typewriters. The agreement has just been signed when it turns out to be a trap. But Adriano suddenly dies, unable to attend the recovery of his company and the growth of his beloved daughter Laura.


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