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Once again, for the third time, Chief constable Soneri investigates … He no longer operates in Ferrara but he now has to solve murder mysteries in Turin. This is a difficult city, where people are sour, jittery, closed inside their social stratifications. A city which is both obscure and crystal clear, full of strong contrasts and which moves and pulsates very fast.
And it is precisely here that Soneri comes to terms with his past and cuts his own deadwood. A new police squad is waiting for him. A new love affair. His journey is hard: there are many obstacles, emotions and unexpected twists. This is because the journeys inside one’s heart are no less adventurous, are no less of a cliff-hanger than those of crime thrillers… There is still one more element: Immacolata. She is a fourteen years old girl who has run away from home.

She is deceitful and a liar. She is wild, sychophantic and street-wise and she has a difficult past and a mysterious future. Imma chooses Soneri as her god-father and from that moment onwards our policeman must also act the difficult role of adoptive parent, he who has never had a child of his own. Obviously on top of all this one must add of course the four detective stories during which Soneri leads the police inquiries. His manners have not changed. Nor have his instinct, his intelligence, his experience and, unfortunately, his “foul temper” which will lead him to the discovery of the truth. Even though this can be sometimes a bitter process and may concern people very, very close to him.

Cast:    Luca Barbareschi, Anna Valle, Natasha Stefanenko, Rosa Pianeta, Emanuela Arrigazzi, Alberto Basaluzzo
Production Co.:    Casanova Multimedia
Produced by:    Luca Barbareschi, Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Susanna Bolchi
Rai Tv Production:    Lorenza Bizzarri
Director:    Giampaolo Tescari
Screenplay:    Roberto Jannone, Grazia Giardiello, Silvia Napolitano, Mimmo Rafele
Cinematography:    Stefano Ricciotti
Film editing:    Mauro Bonanni
Music:    Marco Zurzolo
Production design:    Giada Calabria
Costume design:    Simonetta Leoncini



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