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In 2007 there was the production of six new episodes of the mini TV series “Nebbie e delitti 2”(Fog and Crimes 2), directed again by Riccardo Donna with Luca Barbareschi and Natasha Stefanenko in the leading roles.
This mini Tv series is structured into six autonomous episodes scripted by Silvia Napoletano, Angelo Pasquini and Roberto Jannone. Riccardo Donna is the director and the protagonist is Luca Barbareschi while Angela is played by Natasha Stefanenko. Each of the films in the series focuses on an investigation carried out by inspector Soneri, the head of the police squad in Ferrara.

Soneri is a maverick loner in his work and in his private life. He is helped by a tightly knit group of a few loyal colleagues who make up a separate unit within the police headquarters. Soneri’s investigations concern a series of murders each very different from the other, each hiding a disquieting mystery, that brings to light the tragic and bitter, surprising and grotesque nature of the hard-working and apparently quiet world of the Po river region, one of Italy’s richest and fully-developed zones.

Following in the steps of the great literary and cinematic detectives of the past, the restless Soneri does not just identify the culprits. It is as if around the person of the murderer there is a spider web of different events, of shared responsibilities that makes the murder the rotten fruit of an environment where time has layered resentments, injustices never remedied and a thirst for revenge.



Cast:    Luca Barbareschi, Natasha Stefanenko, Gianluca Gobbi, Paolo De Vita, Giuseppe Antignati
Production Co.:    Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Produced by:    Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Luca Barbareschi, Susanna Bolchi
Rai Tv Production:    Lorenza Bizzarri
Director:    Riccardo Donna
Screenplay:    Roberto Jannone, Grazia Giardiello, Angelo Pasquini, Silvia Napolitano
Cinematography:    Federico Schlatter
Film editing:    Emanuele Foglietti
Music:    Vince Tempera
Production design:    Alessandra Panconi, Leonardo Conte
Costume design:    Eva Coen



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