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Set during the last war, the story of Gino and Fabio is interwoven with important choices made by the opposite temperaments of the two: Gino, courageous and Fabio, fearful. The story takes place in Tuscany during the times of the Republic of Salò: a castle, the countryside, mountains, escaping partisans and the violence of scouring the countryside construct and deconstruct improbable relationships like that between Fabio and Ginevra: noble, complex and intransigent. Their passion is consumed before the eyes of Rosa, Gino’s sister and the elderly father.

The bicycle is the emotional vehicle of the story, and it is on the bicycle that Fabio accompanies Ginevra to abort their child, but the death of the doctor, killed during a bombing prevents it. After Gino and his father are shot to death, Fabio (on his bicycle), overcome with remorse for having left them alone during those difficult moments of the resistance, decides to join the partisans.

And it is on his bicycle that he decides to reach Rosa in the mountains in order to avenge the death of his father and brother in the name of an ideal. Ginevra, in Rosa’s arms, gives birth to Anna and although she is in love with Fabio, she decides to step aside. But Count Jacopo, Ginevra’s husband, unexpectedly returns from many years of imprisonment. The couple departs for America so that Jacopo can undergo a delicate eye operation. They leave little Anna with Fabio and Rosa, since Ginevra had kept her maternity a secret, but two years later…


Cast: Gabriella Pession, Sergio Assisi, Raffaella Rea, Simone Gandolfo
Production Co.: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Produced by: Luca Barbareschi, Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Susanna Bolchi
Rai Tv Production: Daniela Valentini
Director: Alfredo Peyretti
Screenplay: Andrea Purgatori, Laura Ippoliti, Antonio Raffanini
Cinematography: Stefano Ricciotti
Film editing: Patrizia Ceresani
Music: Savio Riccardi
Production design: Nino Formica
Costume design: Fulvia Amendolia



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