2008 – ZODIAC

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Zodiac is a crime story full of magic, where we can breathe and perceive a dimension which goes over the things we see and feel – that further dimension in which one can lose himself…
A serial killer picks on a rich family who owns a bank group and kills some of its members, following a ritual astrological scheme. On the crime scenes, he left messages based on Nostradamus prophecies. The handwriting is that of a man dead many years before, the signature is the Zodiac symbol.
The story starts with the arrival of Ester in Turin. Her father, Gabriele Santandrea, asked her to come from the States. He has received a threatening message from the killer, so he wants to acknowledge her as his daughter, in order to avoid possible dangers.

But things won’t go this way.
For his seventieth birthday, Gabriele organizes a party for relatives and friends, in order to present his daughter and acknowledge her. This doesn’t happen, since the ceremony is interrupted by an accident: his youngest grandson, Riccardo, is about to drawn in the swimming pool. Ester rescues him. During the party Barbara, Gabriele’s granddaughter, disappears.
The police chief Paolo Donati is in charge for investigations. He has already encountered the Santandrea family and receives the suspicious welcome of its members. In the past, Donati had tried to inquire into their affairs – that, as we will realize, are quite illegal. The family hires a private investigator in order to control the police chief and search the killer who took Barbara’s life. The story is further complicated by the fact that some security vans of the bank owned by the Santandrea family are bloody robbed.

Ester soon becomes a suspect, because she is mysteriously related to all murders. Donati is not so convinced of the girl’s guilty, but he must respect the law, obeying his superiors’ orders. Soon he falls in love with Ester, which occasionally returns him.
Ester too receives Zodiac’s messages but – unlike her father – she reports the police chief the facts. Through a handwriting analysis, Donati puts the girl in the clear.
Ester is haunted by visions in which she sees the killer crime actions as if she was Zodiac. It is also through such visions that the police chief manages to develop his investigation.
Meanwhile, the murders go on and a red herring appears: the private investigator hired by the Santandrea family is brutally fired, so he pretends to be the serial killer. He is moved by revenge and thirst for money.

Paolo Donati sees a connection between the bank robberies and Zodiac’s crimes. He cleverly uses an informer and discovers the theft organization. He manages to stop the private investigator, not the serial killer.
The search for Zodiac will lead Donati and Ester to discover what is actually hidden behind the power and respectability of Santandrea family. They have to untangle a net of intrigues and false suspects, which will take them into the obscure mental labyrinths of the killer.
As usual, the actual guilty is above suspicion. This time, he acts pressed by an obscure, ancestral, hidden force. All Zodiac’s actions stem from the revenge of an old woman, Gabriele’s first wife…


Cast:   Antonia Liskova, Massimo Poggio, Andrea Bosca, Marco Cocci, Vanni Corbellini
Production Co.:    Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Produced by:    Luca Barbareschi, Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Susanna Bolchi
Rai Tv Production:    Daniela Valentini
Director:   Eros Puglielli
Screenplay:    Nicola Ravere Rafele, Riccardo Donna, Mimmo Rafele
Cinematography:    Blasco Giurato
Film editing:    Mauro Bonanni
Music:    Andrea Guerra
Production design:    Giovanni Natalucci
Costume design:    Catia Dottori
Casting:   Loredana Scaramella



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