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The impossible love between the eldest daughter of Benito Mussolini and a red partisan.
It is the spring of 1945 at the end of the war when the former partisan Leonida Bongiorno returns to Lipari. Shortly after, Benito Mussolini’s daughter, Edda Ciano disembarks on the island where she has been sent in forced confinement. Greeted with contempt by everyone, she is searched, umiliated and taken to the hovel she is to live in for the following year. Lipari has also suffered during the war: its inhabitants are hungry and the joy of life has vanished. Leonida is hungry for life after all the horrors he has experienced. Together with his friends he tries to improve the island’s condition: he re-establishes his father’s music band; he promotes the activities of the re-born Communist Party and he manages to find some flour to distribute democratically. It is while he is distributing the flour that a brawl ensues and it is then that Leonida saves Edda from a horse that is out of control. It is their first intense meeting which is followed by others. Once he has ascertained the terrible living conditions in which the woman lives, Leonida offers Edda a home in one of the properties he owns.

In the following days Leonida and Edda get to know each other, and they like each other. A night time trip to the Bay of Hellenica establishes a silent promise. Friends and family believe he has lost his wits: she is Edda Ciano, the daughter of the Duce; the daughter of the man who has brought Italy into ruin. Both his father and his party comrades feel betrayed. Meanwhile Edda has received the news that her forced confinement has been prolonged to five years. Any hope she had of seeing her children is quickly fading. Her despair brings her to her first argument with Leonida which ends with their first kiss, heartfelt, nervous and necessary. It is the prelude to the love that will overwhelm both of them. Leonida’s complicity with Edda will bring him to recover her husband’s (Ciano) diaries for her avoiding the surveillance of the authorities that have been searching for them since Edda’s arrival on the island.

Suddenly Anneta, the woman who worked in her home, disappears. At first Edda is accused of being the culprit but she manages to find the girl and bring her back to her father: a gesture that allows her to win the hearts of everyone and which makes the population of Lipari accept her. It seems as if all the pieces have fallen into place but Edda is shaken by the bittersweet – even if so awaited – news that she can go home and see her children. Leonida promises that they will meet again soon but their lives call them: Edda is waiting to see her children and Leonida is offered the job of Mayor of Lipari. Leonida realizes that Edda’s world is not his but their feelings are strong and the two meet for the last time so that they can close with the past. Once they have handed Ciano’s diaries into safe hands, they live a last night of love in which the images of present and future mix for an instant. Then they will have to return to their lives and say goodbye for ever.


Cast: Stefania Rocca, Alessandro Preziosi, Dajana Roncione, Adriano Chiaramida, Ilaria Occhini, Alessio Vassallo
Production: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Produced by: Luca Barbareschi
Director: Graziano Diana
Executive producer: Claudio Gaeta
Creative producer: Saverio D’Ercole
Screenplay Graziana Diana, Stefano Marcocci, Domenico Tomassetti
Cinematography: Blasco Giurato
Film editing: Valentina Mariani
Music: Paolo Vivaldi
Production design: Nello Giorgetti
Costume design: Enrica Barbano



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