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The wild, extraordinary life of one of the most acclaimed Italian actors. In prison, where he is waiting to go on trial for cocaine possession, Walter Chiari remembers his rise – from the position of labourer in the Isotta-Fraschini factory to that of star in revue and theatre. The highest fame will come from cinema and TV shows, through which he becomes a familiar face to the whole country.

Along with success, he lives a really intense love life: Walter dates the Italian “Miss” Lucia Bosè, then the most beautiful woman in the world – Ava Gardner – and Alida Chelli, who will become the mother of his son. After the sentence, Walter is alone and his career is destroyed. He starts over: his new professional life goes through provincial clubs and newborn private TVs, with the help of his close friend Valeria Fabrizi. His performance in “Romance” seems to re-launch him at the Venice Film Festival. But he has still something to pay for…


“Walter Chiari – Up to the last laughter” is a short TV series (2 episodes) produced by Casanova Multimedia for Rai Fiction. It was on air in February 2012.
The project stems from an ancient promise made by Luca Barbareschi to Walter Chiari in 1986, during the production of “Romance”. Barbareschi promised that, if he had the chance, he would make a work of art to remember Chiari’s career.

These are the basis of the fiction directed by Enzo Monteleone, who also written it with Luca Rossi.
Alessio Boni – an Italian actor very dedicated to the roles he performs – is Walter Chiari; Karin Proia, Caterina Misasi, Anna Drijver, Dajana Roncione are his beautiful women; Bianca Guaccero plays the role of his close friend.



Walter Chiari trailer miniserie Rai Uno tv from Casanova Multimedia on Vimeo.

Trailer Fiction Rai Walter Chiari con Alessio Boni e Bianca Guaccero from Casanova Multimedia on Vimeo.


Cast: Alessio Boni, Bianca Guaccero, Dajana Roncione, Anna Drijver, Karin Proia, Gerardo Mastrodomenico, Federico Costantini
Production Co.: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Produced by: Luca Barbareschi
Rai T.V. Production: Fabrizio Zappi
Director: Enzo Monteleone
Executive producer: Claudio Gaeta
Creative producer: Saverio D’Ercole
Story and screenplay: Luca Rossi, Enzo Monteleone
Cinematography: Marco Pieroni
Film editing: Osvaldo Bargero
Music: Aldo De Scalzi, Pivio
Production design: Stefano Pica
Costume design: Enrica Barbano



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