Something Good (The Mercury Factor) on Sky Cinema

The Movie directed by Luca Barbareschi, and ainterpreted by Barbareschi with Zhang Jingchu, Alessandro Haber, Gary Lewis, Michael Wong, Kenneth Tsang will debut on Sky Cinema today November 13th at 9pm.

A small village in Yunnan (China): a young women called Xiwen, looses her only child, Yimou, who dies from food poisoning from adulterated food.

In that very moment, on the other side of the world, Matteo is working for the Feng Group a multinational corporation whose seat is in Hong Kong, which among other businesses deals in trafficking adulterated food in the world. To avoid being arrested by the Italian and Chinese authorities, who are tracking him down, Matteo flees Italy.As he does so he manages to save a precious cargo of adulterated food which belongs to the Feng Group.

In Hong Kong a few weeks later Matteo is compensated by the founder and president of the homonymous group, Mr Feng. He is appointed head of international trafficking of adulterated food. Matteo is full of enthusiasm and begins a ruthless climb to success…
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