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A huge flood devastates the area around Turin:  the Po River overflows its banks and causes the toxic refuse of a dump to come to the surface.  Augusto Viganò is the forty year old owner of a pub and is an active environmentalist. He and his friends block the train on which minister Antonelli was travelling. The politician, accompanied by his counsellor Orlando Lanzetta, decides to listen to what the protesters have to say.

A politician who sees Viganò live on television is interested in having him elected so that he can then play him to his own advantage. Augusto, who will do anything to help save the environment, accepts his offer and lands in Montecitorio (the Parliament). This his how his Roman adventure begins, among the sinister intrigues of the politicians, betrayals and clandestine meetings between opposite parties.

Augusto tries to present a law which would solve his country’s problems but he soon comes to his first compromise: he passes from one party to the next to obtain some limelight; he frequents the elegant and dangerous “salons” of the Capital where real politics take place. It is in one of these power palaces that he meets Catherine, a very important hostess of the most important members of parliament. August has an affair with her; he lies to his wife  and slowly but surely looses himself and his principles betraying the man that he had been.

Barbareschi’s film well represents the political intrigue, compromise and dishonest deals of which politics is made of  and returns to the heavy and poisoned atmospheres of the film “Il Portaborse” (The Flunkey). Even though reality is sometimes portrayed in a softened manner, Barbareschi brings to light a world which interests society constantly and with evermore intensity.


Cast:    Luca Barbareschi
Production Co.:    Casanova Multimedia, Rai Cinema
Produced by:    Luca Barbareschi
Director:    Luca Barbareschi
Story and screenplay:    Luca Barbareschi, Gianfranco Manfredi
Cinematography:    Gino Sgreva
Film editing:    Osvaldo Bargero
Music:    Marco Zurzolo
Production design:    Emita Frigato
Costume design:    Liliana Sotira
Special effects:    Claudio Napoli



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