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Leone’s adventures begin once again. Four years have gone by since we watched him about to marry the beautiful Marta, the editor of one of the magazines for which he works. Leone is still in love with his job as nature photographer, and he is more charming than ever as he is going a little grey at the temples and in his beard. Marriage has taught him fidelity and since the holiday trip all together – him and his five sons – which made him discover them, he now has a permanent and sharing relationship with them: so does the egocentric father and the lying seducer no longer exist?

So it seems… As everyone knows stories always begin with “but”. Leone is in India doing a shoot on tigers, his now twenty years old son Carlo accompanies him as his assistant… and it is precisely to save his son from a tiger that Leone falls from a watch tower and breaks his leg. The voyage is over, a return in advance and an unsettling surprise: Marta is being unfaithful.

Leone goes into a real crisis in which jealousy, pride, pain, fury and depression alternate. Carlo, worried, calls his brothers so that they can decide how to help their father. Indeed what have the brothers been up to in the meantime? Alessandro, who is now twenty, has left Bologna and moved to Rome to become an artist. But the whirl of girls that frequent his house tells us that he has the same talent as his father and it is not that of a painter.

Mattia and Elia, fifteen and fourteen years old, have passed from a passion for graffiti to one for rap. Luca, the youngest, lives with his mother and her new companion who believes that he has had a far too liberal education from Leone and wants to keep him away from his influence. In their secret meeting the boys decide to have their father stay in turn with each of them so that they can all console him. As he moves from one house to the next, Leone faces the problems they have in daily life and tries to help them grow up as they try helping him overcome the emotional shock of his wife’s infidelity. Of course not everything goes without incident because the relationship with their father, although well loved, is also made up of conflicts, rebellions and a need for emancipation. The conflicts alternate with tender moments of reciprocated protectiveness.

With regard to his personal sphere Leone tries to get over his crisis by going back to his old ways for a while, that of a tireless seducer with his well known little red phone book full of women’s names. But then he meets Alessandro’s mother Titti, whom he had abandoned twenty years earlier when she was pregnant. With her he rediscovers true love, a far cry from that of little red phone books. Titti, deeply hurt from her experience, will keep him waiting for quite a while, as she only apparently prefers a more reliable and tranquil suitor. The brilliant comedy of deceit and reciprocal lies that the two play out with virtuosity is put aside when life shows them its more serious and painful side such as when Leone’s mother dies, or when Mattia and Elia run away and the court case in which Leone’s parental authority over Luca is questioned.

After which distrust and fear of making a mistake take the upper hand in both of them. Nine months later, on Christmas Eve, the whole family is reunited in the Gualtieri home. An extended family as happens more often these days. Leone is there; his ex-wives are there with their companions, their children and even a new born grandson. And it is here that Titti joins them, after keeping her distance, having understood that she cannot do without Leone nor his mixed up, untidy but authentic and generous lifestyle.



Production: Casanova Multimedia
Produced by: Aureliano Lalli-Persiani
Rai T.V. Production: Daniela Valentini
Director: Francesco Barilli
Screenplay: Francesco Barilli
Cinematography: Enrico Lucidi
Film editing: Anna Napoli
Music: Savio Riccardi
Production design: Anna Fadda
Costume design: Catia Dottori



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