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Marcello and Saro. Two street kids, without a lead and without a family. They are like brothers with common origins. They both dream of making it in life, to get to the top. To leave behind their anonymous, rootless life and become successful. Marcello is convinced that he’ll make it on his own, by becoming a boxing champion. He works hard under the guidance of Nino, an old boxer who trains him. Saro instead, is lured by short cuts, by the power of the mafia, by rigged games, and by the Maestro, a boss who rules Sicily, the region where the story takes place.

One night Saro entangles his friend in the recovery of illegal immigrants: that night will change both their lives. There is a shot, and Saro becomes a killer; he must go to prison. Marcello cannot forgive his friend for having sucked him- who knew nothing of it – into a criminal happening.
Ten years later, Marcello continues to dream of a career as a boxer and fights to win the regional championships. He is married with Anna, the girl he was in love with when he was a teenager. Things however are not going well. Boxing is separating them. Saro comes out of prison. He seeks revenge from the former friend who abandoned him, but also perhaps to make him take his own way, the way of crime. He unjustly accuses the young boxer of being doped. Marcello’s dream collapses. He is disqualified and his marriage with Anna also collapses. Marcello has no choice: he accepts to fight for Saro in illegal matches.

At his lowest ebb, Marcello meets Carmine, a nine years old boy who lives in an orphanage. The child immediatelty chooses him: Marcello is the hero who will save him. Carmine does not speak with anybody. He can’t risk becoming fond of someone. He can speak however to Marcello. The boxer is fighting a battle against Carmine: he has enough problems of his own and he is unable to also take care of a child. And he has as a priority, that of winning back Anna.
Although Marcello fences him off, Carmine manages to insinuate himself into the boxer’s life, by pulling the right strings. Marcello has now a reason to react, something to fight for : to adopt Carmine. From that moment onwards Marcello finds the strength to reorganize his life, to get back on the ring from where he was so unjustly kicked out, and win back Anna. Saro though, filled with a mixture of love-hatred feels once again that he has been betrayed and falls into destructive jealousy. Marcello manages to get the title he was robbed of: he wins back his woman and adopts Carmine. But Saro is lurking…

The story of Marcello and Carmine is the story of two lonely people, and it is not clear which one truly saves the other. It is also the story of Marcello’s inner growth as he moves from vague rebellion – albeit a honest one- to the hell of rigged matches, until he feels the responsibility of being a father. Carmine, the Sunday child, is Marcello’s guarding angel. He helps him recover and even better his life. Marcello, the boxer, who seemed a write-off, is Carmine’s guarding angel. He gives him a family, a future and he teaches him what he cares for more in the world: boxing.


Cast: Giuseppe Fiorello, Anita Caprioli, David Coco
Production: Rai Fiction, Casanova Multimedia
Produced by: Luca Barbareschi, Susanna Bolchi, Aureliano Lalli-Persiani
Director: Maurizio Zaccaro
Story: Andrea Purgatori, Alessandro Pondi, Giuseppe Fiorello, Paolo Logli
Screenplay: Alessandro Pondi, Andrea Purgatori, Paolo Logli
Cinematography: Fabio Olmi
Film editing: Babak Karimi
Music: Louis Siciliano
Production design: Giuseppe Pirrotta
Costume design: Simonetta Leoncini



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