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“What can we, theatre people, do?”
“From the humiliation of being unable to bring about, in moments such as these, a useful gesture, faced with the impotence of theatre, or on a wider scale that of art, when it is confronted with violence and folly, an artist cannot but continue to do his work well.”

These words written by Strehler following the massacre of Piazza Fontana led to the idea for this film about the Piccolo Teatro in Milan whose story is intertwined with that of the City which houses it.

It all began with the restructuring of the theatre in Via Rovello.
A multi-ethnic building site. The atmosphere is like that on the set of a Tarkovskji film.
There are ghosts in the old hall. What if this were a Gothic Tale?
People always say that the theatre is full of ectoplasms, but there, between Fontana’s holes, they are visible and can show us extraordinary memories. A puff of wind moves the cellophane that covers the stage, a ray of sunshine makes it seem incandescent… it is a fact that strange shadows move over that sheet.
And what of the Harlequin played by Marcello Moretti? Didn’t that bicycle belong to the water carrier from Sezuan? Who are those people behind it? The cellophane does not allow us to distinguish who they are… but their shadows move, dance, play and some even fly…
It is the beginning of magic, the mystery that theatre holds which will take us backwards and forwards in time.



Production: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Cinema
Produced by: Luca Barbareschi, Aureliano Lalli-Persiani, Susanna Bolchi
Director: Maurizio Zaccaro
Story and screenplay: Maurizio Zaccaro
Cinematography: Maurizio Zaccaro
Music: Fiorenzo Carpi



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