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The epic feat of the marathon runner Dorando Pietri, born in the small town of Carpi, who  participated in the London Olympic Games in 1908. The story of a peasants’ son with a passion for running, a man torn between two women, an athlete in war with the world, a country struggling for redemption. The little Italian man faces the international great athletes and defeats them.

It is a tragic victory: because of the effort requested by the marathon, Dorando risks his own life. A temporary victory, because he is accused of being helped by some judges, then disqualified. A symbolic victory, because the images of his running through the last meters in the stadium have became a myth. Dorando will get his revenge and find his place (and love) in the world.


The 2012 London Olympic Games – the most important media event of the year – are coming soon, so the mythical Dorando Pietri comes back on his scene. The values he represents are still alive: tenaciousness, sacrifice. The goal of the fiction is also to tell contemporary Italy through the Italian spirit of the last century: the poverty, dignity, willingness to dream and succeed.

“The dream of the marathon runner” is a short TV series (2 episodes) produced by Casanova Multimedia for Rai Fiction. It will be on air in March 2012. Cast selection is a guarantee of the whole project’s quality: Luigi Lo Cascio – the Sicilian actor awarded with David di Donatello and Coppa Volpi – plays the role of the mythical runner, while Laura Chiatti is the beautiful, charming Luciana. The series is based on the novel “The dream of the marathon runner. The story of Dorando Pietri”, written by Giuseppe Pederiali and published by Garzanti Libri S.p.A.


Cast: Luigi Lo Cascio, Laura Chiatti, Dajana Roncione, Alessandro Haber, Andy Luotto, Fabio Fulco, Pippo Delbono, Thomas Trabacchi, Roberto Nobile
Production Co.:    Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Produced by:    Luca Barbareschi
Rai Tv Production:    Marta Aceto
Director:    Leone Pompucci
Executive producer:    Claudio Gaeta
Creative producer:    Saverio D’Ercole
Story:    Gualtiero Rosella, Pietro Calderoni
Screenplay:    Roberto Jannone, Grazia Giardiello, Gualtiero Rosella, Pietro Calderoni
Cinematography:    Marco Pieroni
Film editing:    Osvaldo Bargero
Music:    Carlo Crivelli
Production design:    Massimo Pauletto
Costume design:    Enrica Barbano



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