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With the help of Julian – an undercover Scotland Yard policeman – Ester realizes that the basement of the college where Riccardo – the last descendant of the Santandrea family – has just been admitted is the place of a sect related to Nostradamus. Ester’s twin brother, Zodiac, now in prison, was a student in the same college.

Ester can’t signal the danger: she dies in a car accident. Her twin feels her dead and escapes from prison to avenge her. Zodiaco soon becomes the first suspect for the series of murders which is throwing the local police into crisis. Warned by Julian, Eva Gruber – the executive of the police district – realizes that Riccardo has become a follower of the sect. She suspects that such organization uses the initiates for a wicked goal. The point is, why do they act in the same way of Zodiac? And, what are they avenging?


In the last year of the Earth according to the Maya calendar, Zodiac – The lost book takes
the chance to foreground Nostradamus’ predictions on the end of the world. The result is
a series of 4 episodes (100’) which tells, with energy and (also productive) courage, the
universe of esotericism.
This return to the Italian crime story is directed by Tonino Zangardi, whose cinema
experience has positively affected the series’ atmosphere. The two main characters are
Sergio Assisi (who plays the archaeologist Julian Savelli) and Magdalena Grochowska
(who plays Eva Gruber); the cast includes Andrea Bosca, Marina Tagliaferri, and Antonia


Cast: Sergio Assisi, Magdalena Grochowska, Marina Tagliaferri, Andrea Bosca, Giorgia Salari, Antonia Liskova
Production Co.: Casanova Multimedia, Rai Fiction
Produced by: Luca Barbareschi
Rai Tv Production: Daniela Valentini, Matteo Martone
Director: Tonino Zangardi
Screenplay: Mimmo Rafele. Silvia Napolitano
Cinematography: Blasco Giurato
Film editing: Mauro Bonanni
Music: Teho Teardo
Production design: Nello Giorgetti
Costume design: Enrica Barbano



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