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Claudio is a rich and confirmed bachelor who, when he meets the deputy police superintendent Luisa, falls hopelessly in love with her. When – as a consequence of an accident, Luisa fights for her life, our protagonist offers his life to God to save hers. Luisa lives but at the same time Claudio discovers that he is losing his human essence and that he is becoming an angel.

Uriel, his guiding angel, explains to him that this is a consequence of his request to save Luisa… And he adds that Luisa herself can no longer remember what is past and therefore she cannot remember the accident either. So much so that she cannot even recognize Claudio who she thinks is a perfect stranger to her. Claudio refuses to become an angel. All he thinks about is how to get the policewoman to love him. Uriel tells him that when Claudio will have saved three souls he will be able to decide to stay an angel or become a man again so as to be able to court Luisa again.

This is a possible goal for Claudio. The problem is that she is now attracted by somebody else …


Angeli: un sentimentalismo alla Frank Capra (
Angeli: recensione a cura di Marco Minniti (
Raoul Bova: un Angelo a lutto (Unione Sarda)



Interpreti :   Raoul Bova, Vanessa Incontrada, Ugo Pagliai, Giampiero Judica, Lidia Vitale, Vincenzo Crea
Produzione :   Casanova Multimedia, RTI
Prodotto da:    Luca Barbareschi
Regia:   Stefano Reali
Produzione esecutiva:    Giulio Cestari, Claudio Gaeta
Produzione creativa:    Saverio D’Ercole
Soggetto:    Stefano Reali
Sceneggiatura:    Uski Audino, Roberta Colombo, Alessandra Neri, Alberto Amoretti, Stefano Reali
Fotografia:    Stefano Ricciotti
Montaggio:    Emiliano Bellardini
Musiche:    Stefano Reali
Scenografia:    Stefano Pica
Costumi:    Enrica Barbano
Aiuto regia:    Enrico Protti
Casting:    Loredana Scaramella, Stefano Oddi



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